22 Rules to be Successful After Weight Loss Surgery

I recently posted an article about Tom from ObesityHelp.com about his success with the Realize Band. Tom posted on his blog a few months ago his “Rules to be Successful” and I thought this would be helpful to not just bandsters, but to those with any weight loss surgery!


Rules to be Successful

Over the years I have collected some common “rules” one should follow in order to be successful. So far I am up to 20 “universal set of laws” one should heed during their journey.

I would love to see this list grow, so please feel free to add to it. Maybe one day this will be adopted as the Constitution of Gastric Success!! 😀

(1) Get your daily Protein requirements in (60 – 80 grams – your Doctor/Nutritionist may have different target amount – so follow theirs)

(2) Protein drinks should be between 20 and 30 grams of protein per serving (25 is recommended), contain less than 150 calories (110 recommended) contain less than 10 grams of carbohydrates (5 is recommended) (your Doctor/Nutritionist may have different rules – so follow theirs)

(3) Remember eat: Protein first, then fiber (ex veggies/fruits) then (if there is room) good (NON-starchy) carbohydrates.

(4) Drink at least 64 ounces of non-carbonated/non-caffeinated liquid.

(5) No drinking while eating and/or 30 minutes before and/or after meals (your Doctor/Nutritionist may have different rules – so follow theirs)

(6) You must east to lose weight!! Yes I know this a strange concept but if you don’t, your body will go into “starvation mode” and “store all it can”.

(7) Each meal should take at least 25 to 30 minutes to complete. Studies show it takes this long for your stomach to tell your brain it’s full – no matter how much food is in it.

(8) Eat at the same time everyday

(9) Eat until you are full, not stuffed

(10) Wait 30 to 60 seconds between putting another piece food in your mouth

(11) Make sure foods (especially meats) are moist

(12) Before you put that piece in your mouth, ask yourself “Would I give this size to a baby?”

(13) Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew- Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew- Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew- Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew- Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew- Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew (at least 30 times, or until it feels like baby food consistency)

(14) Take your vitamins !!

(15) Remember, during the operation they put the tool around your stomach, and not your brain. So, you will need to do some self control.

(16) Exercise – begin slow (example walk; climbing a flight of stairs; park in the furthest spot in the lot) and then gradually increase. My suggestion do two days; rest a day; do two days; rest a day; do two days

(17) If you feel like “snacking” do something else (ex. Go outside; call a (WLS) friend; come to the board and post, etc)

(18) Participate in a support group!!! It is a fact that those who attend supports groups have increased weight loss long term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(19) ok .. a little gross and try to figure out what I am saying .. What you think may be a “GAS” may come out as a “Liquid” or “Solid” .. so BECAREFUL and BE PREPARED !!

(20) Remember to speak to your Doctor

(21) Speak/meet with your Nutritionist at least 3 times a year. Many insurance companies allow a certain amount of visits per year.

(22) When the “honeymoon” phase it over, or you find you’re having “personal problems/changes” have a revisit with a Psychiatrist/Psychologist. Many insurance companies allow a certain amount of visits per year.

To read more of Tom’s story click here.

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