ASMBS Weight Loss Surgery Emergency Room Cheat Sheet

This is an awesome ICE (In Case of Emergency) Weight Loss Surgery flow chart from the ASMBS (American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) web site. This was originally posted by Andrea Ullberg then the WLSFA .

This went viral after being posted on the WLSFA site! Please print and have available! All WLS‘ers should have a  copy for emergencies. Emergency Room Drs. are not always up to date on bariatrics, and this could speed up your diagnosis!



The ASMBS has produced a very important document, a Weight Loss Surgery Emergency Room Instructional Sheet for WLS patients.
Here is a link to the file CLICK HERE and download!
Please Print this document NOW!

Emergency Room Cheat Sheet

Emergency Room Cheat Sheet

If you have had any form of weight loss surgery, your needs in an emergency room situation are very special.
The WLSFA suggest keeping a copy in the following locations:

  • On your refrigerator
  • In your wallet or purse
  • In your car glove box
  • In your back pack
  • Emergency contact people
  • Take a copy to work
  • Take to your ER!
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6 Responses to ASMBS Weight Loss Surgery Emergency Room Cheat Sheet

  1. Virginia Walker says:

    Thanks! I’ll pass it on.

  2. Please do Virginia! All of us WLS’ers should keep this available.

  3. Beth Tipton says:

    oh wow…this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maggie says:

    AWESOME! I am a nurse and have some major health issues in addition to my WLS. This is highly valuable info. Thanks for passing it on.

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