BBQ Wings, Trash Can Cooking, Drunk Duck & Bright Blue Water

Friday I was unexpectedly invited by one of my WLS peeps to the Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival. I’m not a big fan of bbq, but I love a good festival so I drove over for the event.

The music was eclectic. Everything from jazz to redneck hell. Yeah that last one I’m not sure how much they had to pay to get to perform there.

As far as the bbq, Friday they had mostly chicken hot wings and a few ribs.

Although………..some of the contestant’s had other ideas as to what to cook!

Ummm........I think not!

Other contestant’s had other ideas about HOW to cook.

Yes people that’s right. The man is cooking in a TRASH CAN!  What more can I say?

Then there were also various vendors there selling things we never knew we needed, such as the Ghetto Wine Glass.

And to think……..I wasted all that money on my crystal wine glasses! What a waste! Lol.

Now I know some people take there bbq very seriously, but I had no idea it was an international thing. We met a group of contestants that drove all the way over from Germany just to compete!

"Are we there yet?"

Ok that was just a joke. I do know a little about geography! 😉

The highlight of the Atlanta BBQ Festival was meeting our new bff’s from the Dept. of Porks and Rumpreation. Those guys had it goin’ on! Their own mini man cave in a tent kind of thing.

Chair, love seat, coffee table, rug, fan, overhead Halloween lights, bath tub full of beer. And even Howard the Drunk Duck guarding the beer!

Yes I’m afraid Howard the Duck has a drinking problem.

"Don't touch my beer bitch!"

But there is still hope. We’re planning an intervention for my inebriated little buddy and hoping to get him into a 12 step program.

Ok here’s where the bright blue water comes in……

50 MILLION invisible germs live inside these things! :-(

As many of you know, I have the Lap-Band (a.k.a CRAP-BAND!). It is very common for food to get “stuck” with the Lap-Band. This of course generally happens at the most inconvenient times, such as when  am at a large festival with no real bathrooms around, just the dreaded porta potty!

Though I love color,………….and it was a lovely shade of bright blue water……..being a germaphobe forced to use a porta potty is NOT how I planned to spend my time at the Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival!

Other than that, it was a wonderful weekend though

How was yours?

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9 Responses to BBQ Wings, Trash Can Cooking, Drunk Duck & Bright Blue Water

  1. Emma says:

    I am really so glad that you had a great time this weekend! Thanks for sharing your story to us! I really enjoyed reading your article! Keep posting some more..
    Emma recently posted..Chamonix Mont Blanc France

  2. Portia says:

    Hello Maria, you look having a great time there, you’ve seen a lot of cooking ideas on that festival. Oh how I wish I could experience whats in that festival.
    Portia recently posted..Ways To Boost Fertility

  3. James says:

    Hmmm….so you had a great weekend and enjoyed quite a lot. I also love to find these kind of days off but I’m very much busy in my work. Hope I’ll get a break and should be able to enjoy like you.

  4. Anthony says:

    It is so sad I wasn’t able to visit. I love these festivals especially that they are an opportunity to taste barbecues from different talented cooks. I am a fan of spicy chicken wings and I am so jealous right now. The mini tent looks so comfortable and I find the trash can very amusing. Thank you for sharing this fascinating event.

  5. Crissa says:

    I really enjoyed reading your story! Love to be back here for more! Keep posting!

  6. Sabina says:

    Your story is fun, I also love festivals and bbq. And that glass looks cute.

  7. Caroline says:

    I love festivals and love eating bbq, I’m sure you had fun during that day! love the rubber duck! =)

  8. Elizabeth McBride says:

    It sound like a good week end. And a barbecue really make it more perfect if I have to judge it.

  9. Joel says:

    Hey you are a great story teller. I wish I could be there, looks like real fun. And I love bbq, too yummi yummii.. 😀

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