DaVinci Gourmet Worst Christmas Present Contest!

I won’t even ask if you’ve been naughty or nice. Santa may require niceness for a present (the big guy and I have already had this discussion again this year!)

but not me!

So……………..don’t ya just love a contest?! Here’s how it works. Tell me your worst Christmas present. The person who got the worst Christmas present wins the BEST Christmas present! A DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Gift Pack!
How awesome is that?!

Angel Austin won the last DaVinci gift pack. Who wants to be next?

Now I am a HUGE DaVinci sugar free syrup fan! I add it to protein drinks, sugar free pudding and Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is great for us but the flavors are much more limited with it than most light yogurts. It’s also very popular in coffee and tea. I don’t know how many times I have recommended it to newbies struggling with their new post-op diet.

So let’s hear all the horror stories of all the dumb ass presents you have gotten over the years!

Maybe it’s a Chia Pet?

Maybe it’s the Weener Kleener Soap

A creepy people present perhaps?

The dreaded fruitcake?

Or a surprise visit from your chronically happy cousins!

Don’t laugh! I’m telling them I moved and giving them one of YOUR addresses this year!

Now back to the contest. If you haven’t tried DaVinci sugar free (made with Splenda) syrups you must! The have about 50 different sugar free flavors.

  • German Chocolate Cake
  • Cookie Dough
  • B-52
  • Gingerbread
  • Praline
  • Cream de Menthe
  • Peanut Butter

Just to name a few.

And the wonderful people a DaVinci Gourmet have offered a really cool gift pack! The pack will include a DaVinci cup, a DaVinci apron



So here is your chance to try it before you buy it.

Think back over those dysfunctional family Christmas gatherings. You know, the ones you later whined about in therapy………. and tell me about your crappy presents! Which one was the worst?

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78 Responses to DaVinci Gourmet Worst Christmas Present Contest!

  1. Bunny says:

    No joke, My mom actually gave me a roll of toilet paper one yr. She thought it was sooo funny. NOT

  2. Lisa Endean says:

    Some Pajamas that were 2 sizes to big for me. I mean I was fat but dang really?? LOL a friend of mine or not LOL

  3. Michelle says:

    Maria, the first year we were married Kevin presented me with a large coat sized box, wrapped beautifully. I opened it to find a pair of men’s sweat pants (with elastic at the ankles and waist), socks, underwear, a razor, women’s shaving gel, deodorant, and a brush. Gee, thanks Honey. You know me so well? Is there something you would like to tell me? LMAO. I have never received another gift from him since. Really. He just doesn’t even try anymore.

  4. Nanette Thornton says:

    My mother used to get a Christmas bonus when we were growing up, she would give each of us $100 and take us to the BIG mall 20 miles from our home. We were so excited as it was 2 stories, had escalators and a 2 story waterfall in it. We would go with our lists of what we were going to buy for friends and family, $100 went quite a way back then.
    So after a whole day of shopping we would go home wrap out presents and put them under the tree. My brother asked me to do him a favor when I was done and he was still wrapping, and take a dollar down to a neighbor for him, she gives me this brown paper bag. What I found out later was he was purchasing my gift from her for $1, a clear glass piggy bank shaped like a pig with a crack in it where you put the money in.
    So I got a bad gift, that I had to go pick up and deliver the $1 that paid for it, I think the only thing worse would been if he had borrowed the $1 from me. I think I was 12 or 13 that year.

  5. Julie says:

    My RnY was 12/14/09 – 10 days later my friends had intended on giving me a box of Molasses Chips from See’s Candies. (not sugar Free) Had it wrapped and hanging on a door. Waiting to come over to our house to exchange gifts. Their black lap tore open the bag and ate all the candy so in the I didn’t get the candy I couldn’t eat, but I didn’t get anything else either. LOL

  6. Deb C. says:

    My ex gave the worst gifts. I had told him that it would be ok to give me a vacuum for Christmas because we needed one and money was tight. Practical was the name of the game that year. What I got wouldn’t even qualify to be sold for parts. It had to be twenty years old, had a bag full of dirt and didn’t even work. He also gave me a used mop and assorted, open cleaning products that year. Don’t think he wrapped any of it either.

    It’s one thing to give someone what they ask for but damn. . . . .

  7. Alison Ghany says:

    A former roommate gave me a Homer Simpson lava lamp and matching beer mug.

  8. Lisa Pumpkin says:

    One year my Camel bought me an Epilady for Christmas…hellooooo those suckers hurt ! Who in their right mind gives someone an Epilady, he also gave me one of those eyeshadow kits with like 50 different shades and get this…the guy doesn’t like it if I wear eyeshadow that isn’t in the brown family ! Really Mr Camel, you got me eye shadow when you hate eyeshadow….The next year I started buying my own Christmas presents, and he would say, ” What did I get you ? ” Bwahahaha

  9. Lisa Pumpkin says:

    Hey !!! Gimmie muh syrup !

  10. Phillytomcat says:

    My brother bought me a hand pushed food chopper (non electric) just 3 year’s ago, he was nice enough to leave the $10.00 price ticket on it but failed to think I shopped at the same store as well and saw it on clearance for $1.00 !
    In our family we had a $20.00 limit, this ended our Christmas exchange..

  11. daniel weeber says:

    an ugly itchy striped turtleneck sweater when i was younger and only wore one so i wouldnt disappoint my grandmother…and a used yankee candle from my stepmother….

  12. Keilah says:

    My ex got gave me a demo model wet dry vacuum in a cardboard box, not even wrapped, with dirt still in it for our first Christmas married. Can you imagine? I was horror stricken and he was drunk as a lord and grinning like I should be the happiest girl in the world. And he knew I despise cleaning house! Ick!

  13. Leesha says:

    No fair…i have not had any real bad Christmases…..I have a pretty cool family….but the worst one was in 1999 the year my Great Grand Mother Passed away…really she passed in November…but I was still very depressed and sad at Christmas..and to this day I miss her..

  14. Sally says:

    The worst gift I ever got was a pair of white pajamas with a tomato sauce stain on the boob. For real.

  15. Michelle says:

    Can I submit 2? Brother Jack sent me toilet bowl coffee mugs!

  16. Paula says:

    My sister, who is 13 years older than me, gave me an urn. Not a decorative one for flowers, one to put me in when I die. So I guess she had also decided that I should be cremated. Family, gotta love um cause no body else will!

  17. Ann Le Mere says:

    Well not sure if I was 10 or 11 years old. My dad gave me a pitchfork so I could help clean the barn now that I was old enuf to help. That was 40-41 years ago. But he still was my dad and I loved him and miss him every xmass for the last 10 years. I would take a picthfork every year just to have him back! Love ya Dad!

  18. Lana in MI says:

    Omg. My sister in law gave my son footy pj’s one Christmas…but they weren’t new…they were SO OLD that the feet had holes in them and the suit itself was so pilled they looked like trash. I could NOT believe she actually wrapped them and gave them to us! WORST EVER present. The freaky thing is they had the $$ to buy new ones! Weird.

  19. Liz Ramsey says:

    One year my stepmom gave me the “free gift” she got with a cosmetic purchase. And my stepsisters both got lots of presents so it wasn’t an issue of money. She just didn’t see a reason to spend anything on me. I was about 15 at the time.

  20. Megan Izykowski says:

    One year my brother sent me bacon from the Loveless Cafe in Nashville. I was told there was a family connection but what it was, was never explained. Big problem was, it was not marked perishable and so it sat under our tree for 10 days!! well neeedless to say into the trash it went. Same brother has also sent me a bottle of wine every year for Christmas since,… I am the only one in the family who doesnt drink, and now can’t due to my gastric bypass (I cant even do the wine at communion without getting sick!!) I really can’t drink! I think since he spent the last 3 weeks with me caring for my dying mother and has come back for a visit since we may have now gotten to know each other better!!! Meggie

  21. Stephanie Gaida says:

    I had a whole series of bad presents from my loving husband-all in the same year. In my stocking he gave me a tube of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, a potato peeler (are you kidding me??) and a country and western music CD-(now mind you no one HATES country music more than me). He also gave me a gigantic Hershey Kiss (I’ve have gastric bypass surgery and can’t eat sugar),plus a toe nail pedicure set and I’ve got degenerative hip diease and haven’t been able to reach my toes in years!! Needless to say, I disolved into tears on Christmas morning, screamed at him and asked him “if he even knew who his wife was” and stomped off into the bedroom. The very next year I received diamond earrings and he has done great ever since. Despite our worst Christmas ever, our 28 year marraige is still going stong.

  22. PatXYZ says:

    The worst present I ever got? Library books. Not even the ones the library sells off when they add new books to their collection and get rid of the ones that aren’t borrowed often. The ones you have to actually return within 3 weeks. This was apparently a tradition in my husband’s very ch…, ugh, frugal family. His family would go to the library a couple of days before Christmas and pick out books for each other, wrap them up, and then read them over the Christmas holidays and then return them. His mother thought this was a great, ‘non-wasteful’, and thoughtful gift. Nothing like a book you have no interest in but feel obligated to read because someone picked it out and borrowed it for you, or even worse, one that you love but don’t get to keep!

    Luckily my husband has come to understand that his parents are cheap, hoarding, weirdo workaholics and has learned to enjoy giving and receiving things you actually want and get to keep (even if I do have to make a list).

  23. Alison Ghany says:

    I’ll have to post this for my sister Arlene. One year her then husband, David, bought her cheap plastic containers and a Neil Diamond CD. The plastic containers because the containers she used to put his lunch in the lids were coming off. I guess the CD was just because. Either way… one more reason to divorce him. lol

  24. Karen M. says:

    Worst present ever: One year my ex-sister in law gave me a bathroom scale for Christmas. A scale! For a fat girl! I guess I was supposed to know just HOW fat I was. LOL!

  25. Mark Steward says:

    One year her then husband, David, bought her cheap plastic containers and a Neil Diamond CD. The plastic containers because the containers she used to put his lunch in the lids were coming off, thanks for the post, keep up the good work.

  26. Frank Surace says:

    OK..here goes….Several years ago, my mother got me, as one of my xmas presents, a “Meatball”maker…it was a square tray divided into 9 “square”compartments…you placed the meat into each compartment and shake the tray and you SHOULD get… 9 perfectly round meatballs….now let’s review…

    1) How does a SQUARE compartment produce a round meatball???
    2) I DON’T make meatballs…my wife does (and very well I might add), so why would I want a square Meatball Maker to make round meatballs that I never make in the first place?

    This gift was so bad, I didn’t even feel like I could re-gift it…lol

    Check out the link below if anyone doesn’t believe me….so I think I deserve to win the DaVinci Gift Set…I’m just sayin


    Frank :)

  27. Jessica Steinhauer says:

    my worst present even would have to been last year when my monster-in-law got me the Household Hints for Dummies book.

  28. Jennifer says:

    My worst had to be the year my Mother-in-Law gave me stretch mark cream when I was 6 months pregnant with twins.

  29. Jessica says:

    My mother in law is notorious for not putting any thought into gifts. The worst wasn’t even my gift, it was my husband’s. My husband is 33, 6’4″ and about 315lbs. He’s a “manly man.” My MIL got him a little tote bag with his initial on it in green zebra print. Inside was a luggage tag, clip board, pen and note pad–in the same lovely green zebra design. He was mortified. Luckily my niece has the same initial and they were re-gifted.

  30. Hey Maria :)

    We grew up very poor and I only remember getting two x-mas presents. They were both great. We never really celebrated x-mas… I still don’t as an adult …until recently with my inlaws. I guess I didnt have enough chances to get those “creepy” presents :). ….

    Can I still get a chance to win?

    Thanks <3

  31. tina ebidag says:

    It’s not me that got the worst present ever. It’s my uncle that received the worst ever. My cousin wrap her present for her new step-dad (who she really didn’t like at all!!). She wrap the presant in a tampon box, so when all the family was opening their gifts in front of the whole family. The new uncle was so embarrased.

  32. I’ve got a real winner for ya! I used to make candles when I was in high school and I sold them to family and friends. My aunt purchased 3 candles from me in the summer time and told me she was only doing this “because she was a good aunt”. Christmas rolls around and what do I get? My 3 candles that she had bought from ME! The candles that I made in my home, that I designed lol. She had also burnt them about half way down!! I guess she just thought I wouldn’t notice that they were my own candles OR that she had already burnt them down half way. That was the last gift I ever got from her lol.
    Stacy McCloud recently posted..Day one of Medifast.

  33. daniel weeber says:

    the funniest one i got was when i was younger maybe @ 13 years old,i was at my dads house and he and my uncle played a trick on me and my step brother… we both opened out gift at the same time and what we thought was a playboy magazine but it was only a playboy cover on a coloring book….

  34. Courtney says:

    Like I posted, my husband gave me a Carbon Monoxide detector and a fire extinguisher last year. I guess he was shooting for practical and didn’t get the hints about the Ipod I was leaving all around the house for like four months LOL

  35. Steve says:

    My aunt gave me an early Christmas present and it is a China made Android tablet. It doesn’t compare to the rest of the crappy presents here but I was really enthusiastic and happy when I received it until I turned the device on. This is fun…I love this contest.

  36. Samantha says:

    I can’t think of any bad gifts that I had received so I asked my mother what was hers. And she said that her worst present was a teddy bear. I don’t know why and I think it is weird, I am guessing she just doesn’t like teddy bears that much.

  37. Karen M. says:

    So, who won the contest?

  38. Fire extinguishers says:

    Similar taste with her presents!

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