Eating Healthy 101: Tips & Tricks List for Overweight Teens

Here is a great post from Ashley that I met through Obesity Help of a list of tips and tricks for overweight teens to eat healthy. Ashley is a teen that will be having VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) in a few months.

Eating Healthy 101. Tips and Tricks for the Overweight Teen

Does your kitchen look like this?

Pretty much everyone’s I’ve seen does…
lots of carbs, things people think are good for them but really arent,

I’ve been seeing dieticians/nutritionists since i was like 4 or 5. I know what im talking about. Not to sound big headed or anything, lol.

Just trust me, aight? (: I know im overweight and you’re probably thinking ‘oh, well this will get me nowhere. Look where it got her’. If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you and I both know there’s more to it.

Anywho, tips and tricks.

  • Anything in moderation! Theres nothign wrong with having a popsicle at the pool or a scoop of ice cream out with your friends.. Nothing at all! Just keep it down to only a couple times a week.
    The biggest problem I see people have is portion control. When you pick up a bag of chips or a Powerade bottle, do you look at the nutrition label? Most people don’t… it’s become a habit of mine.
    Say you take what you think would be a serving of chips.. even if you read the nutrition label, the amount on there is only for a certain number of chips. If  you have more chips than what it suggests, you need to multiply the carbs/calories/etc.
  • Drinks. Here’s somthing I want people to look at. I created an album specifically for food/drink related ideas and notes and stuff on my Flickr.
    check out the descriptions on all the pictures…
(This is making me crave a smoothie at the moment. I’m going to get one in a little bit.)
When I was little and hadn’t found a diet soda I liked yet (I’m in love with Diet Pepsi now, but I’ve had to stop it for the WLS), I would always have carbonated fruit water. They had it at the store. It was just like flavored water, but carbonated. It’s a good alternative to regular soda.
Okay, drink rant over.
  • EAT! At least 3 meals a day. Not eating can actually make you gain weight. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve gone through a phase where I just wouldn’t
    eat. I was fed up with my weight and actually over the few months where I was struggling with an eating disorder, I gained weight… more than 10 pounds. I think it was close to like 16 or 17 lbs, and that put me at 270 something. Reason being? If you dont eat enough, your body wants to hold on to fat. Think of it as ‘starvation mode’. Your body clings on to every ounce of anything that goes into your body thinking it may not get it for a while and will need it to keep your organs up and runing and your body functioning normally.
    I’ve since gotten back on a normal routine with my eating. 2 small meals a day, and a couple snacks. Example:
    2 pieces of whole grain wheat toast with peanut butter, and a glass of skim milk.
    Protein water and granola bar.
    Small Lean Cuisine, usually under 400 calories and under 40 carbs, and a flavored water or water. Maybe a few chips.
    1 grilled/bbq chicken breast and a 1 cup of macaroni salad, a piece of watermellon and glass of water.
    Yoplait Light strawberry yogurt with granola.
    Whenever I go out to dinner I usually get a salad bar or something like that, soup/salad. My out to dinner of choice is Panera, there’s a deal, I forget the name of where you get a cup of soup and half a sandwich for like 6 dollars. I usually get 1/2 smoked turkey sandwich, cup of broccoli cheddar soup and an apple or the chips. Amazing.
    Another tip:
  • When you get fast food, the salad isn’t healthier than a burger half the time. Look at what all is loaded on it. The amount of dressing and toppings and the portion!
    It’s a myth that chicken is healthier than the beef. That is
    only true if you get grilled chicken! Cripsy chicken is a big no no.
  • Basically: Cut out sugary drinks, learn portion sizes, eat protein, and when you go out to eat watch what you eat! Things can fool you.
    I got a carb counter book from my endocrinologist. I’d suggest trying to find one. It has names of lots of fast food places and shows the carbs/calories/fat for everything on most menus, along with regular store bought items. It’s taught me alot!
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