EXCESS SKIN Pics After Losing 200 Pounds After RNY

I am always so amazed at the women (and men) that are secure enough to post their nude pics of what they look like after a very large weight loss. Many feel insecure about their appearance, and it helps to see that others really are going through the same or similar issues. Thanks Lady Lithia for having the courage to post your excess skin pics after your amazing 200 pound weight loss!


EXCESS SKIN after losing 200 pounds

I’ve been wanting to post this for a long time. To share the less glamorous side of weight loss surgery because if you have a LOT of weight to lose, you might end up with some of the following when you look in the mirror.

Here is where i came from:


Now here’s the good news. This is me, now, in clothing. I am NOT wearing shapewear, and I have NOT gotten any plastic surgery. This is what a nice pair of jeans looks like. The jeans are a size 12, the top is a large.



I carried a LOT of my weight in my thighs and in my legs. Oh, and in my buttocks!

When I look in the mirror, naked, this is my abdomen:
I just took this picture a few minutes ago.

Side View of the above:

When I flaunt my awesome biceps, this is what I see:

There are a few more pictures of me in my profile, in the folder entitled “skin” that show off a large side view, as well as what I call my “flubber thighs”…. They really look like I have a set of hippopotamus sized vagina lips drooping on my inner thighs below my own….. seriously…..earlier in the process when they had more fat in them, they looked nothing so much as a pair of bull testicles.

This is a less-than-glamorous side of weight loss surgery that is often not shown on here, and I thought I would share.

Overall though…. I’ll take what the mirror gives me, when nekkid, if I can enjoy what the miror gives me clothed:


LadyLithia’s ObesityHelp.com’s post

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