Hurricane Irene WLS Emergency Rations Supply Kit


So Nicole from Bariatric Foodie posted a link for her WLS Emergency Rations Supply Kit since Hurricane Irene was headed in her direction. Although just a cat 1, it can still do a lot of damage and cause wide spread outages. She had some great thoughts of what to stock up on besides doing  the same old tired run to the store for milk and bread. It was followed by some great suggestions on Obesity Help. I’ve even added a few suggestions of my own.

Here are Nicole’s:


Bottled water along with drink sticks and/or Mio

Of course you’re thinking about your whole family, but make sure you get enough water for you to have at least 64 oz. of water a day. For many WLS patients, plain water is not tolerable. If that’s you, I’d suggest drink sticks and/or MiO. Of course, I like Mio because it’s easier to control the level of sweetness.

Shelf Stable Milk

You may have seen the box cartons of cow’s milk on your grocery store shelves. It’s been treated and had the air removed so that it doesn’t need refrigeration until opening. To that effect, get the small ones as opposed to a larger one and use in individual portions. Milk is a good source of protein. If you can tolerate protein shakes made in a shaker bottle, all the better.

Canned meat and a manual can opener

You would not believe how many times I have heard of people getting the canned goods but forgetting they only have an electric can opener. Canned tuna is an excellent source of protein as is canned chicken breasts. Now, if you’re like me and don’t like just plain tuna, you might invest in some tuna and/or chicken lunch kits. Those come with packets of mayo and relish to dress your tuna. Otherwise, you can also invest in some packets of mayo. Unless your area is uncharacteristically hot, they usually last in the open.

Roasted edamame

These are roasted soy beans. They come in various flavors from plain to wasabi. Most grocery stores carry them. In some they are in the health food department (added bonus: I doubt that particular section of the store will be crowded). These are also a great source of protein and do not require refrigeration.


If you’re anywhere near a GNC or other health food store, I highly recommend Ostrim jerky – a blend of ostrich and beef that tastes akin to a Slim Jim. They are small, 80 calories and have about 14g of protein. Though all jerky is high in sodium, this can get you through a bind.

Protein Bars

As noted in the comments, protein bars are also non-perishable and might be favorable over canned meat, especially if you live somewhere where it’s warm. I admit warm, canned meat does not sound appetizing. But do still keep some on hand just in case.

Peanut Butter

Just because it’s a “yellow light” food for me doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stock up on it! Peanut butter has some protein in it and is non-perishable. If you are a bread person, you might also invest in some whole wheat Arnold Thins to spread it on or some high fiber crackers (I like Ak-Mak and Wasa whole wheat). Or if you are a peanut butter addict…connoisseur like me, straight off the spoon is fine too!


Now this is a great addition from an OH’er that experienced cat 5 Hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Coast:


I would have a generator to keep my freezer/refrigerator going.  I would be cranking it now to make sure it’s in good order and full of gas.  I would try to get a few coolers full of ice just in case.  I would try to have all my vehicles gassed up and have a few cans of gas on hand if you have a safe place to store it.  I would have anything that I need for 2 weeks bought and stored – in the event you can’t get out driving to go and buy stuff- especially medicine..  I would have cash on hand – ATM’s and credit card swipers don’t work with no electricity.  I would fill anything available (buckets, bathtubs) full of water for flushing the toilet.  I would wash up all of my clothes; clean out my refrigerator of stuff that’s ready to go and wash up any dishes.  I would make sure my gas grill was full of gas.  I might buy a fan that would plug into my generator since no AC can be brutal.  Of course, batteries and flashlights or kerosene lamps for nighttime.  Paper plates and plastic utensils would be handy.

Someone else suggested filling the washing machine with ice or water. Another mentioned applesauce, tuna fish, refried beans and non-refrigerated pudding snacks that are sugar-free. And one of the Facebooker’s suggested wine and cheese!

As far as me, of course protein drinks and protein bars, Pepita (pumpkin seeds), cheese, crackers, Hawaiian Punch sugar free packs, G2, Powerade Zero, canned NSA fruit, pistachios, bananas, rotisserie chicken, watermelon and cantaloupe.

So what’s in your Hurricane Irene WLS Emergency Rations Supply Kit???

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  1. I boiled about 2 dozen worth of eggs and pickled (beets vinegar and onion) about half of them. I have an electric stove so with no power I can’t cook them. plus who doesn’t love pickled eggs :)

    The running joke around here is that as long as we have water I have enough protein powder to sustain my family for a week. It’s true but they might have to peel the Click from my very cold and dead hands before they got to have that tub :)
    The Vanishing Mom recently posted..Happy Birthday To ME!

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