Jamie Miles……………From Flab to FAB!

I LOVE a happily ever after story! So many of us WLS’ers have wonderful stories that need to be shared, and Jamie Miles is one of them. After I joined Facebook Jamie and I became online friends. I was always excited to see his updates of getting signed with a talent agency………..getting new parts in shows………..and just enjoying his new life post-WLS!

I think you will enjoy Jamie’s story just as much as I do!

So have I mentioned how much Weight Loss Surgery has changed my life?    You have no idea…

For a long time I have always had this side of me that wanted to act and be a commercial model.  I started following my dreams after I had lost about 60lbs.  It started out with Extra roles but as my weight loss progressed I became more confident and started seeking out more speaking roles, local productions and commercials, etc.  I even went to acting school.

From flab to FAB!!!

Life has a funny way of working out sometimes.  I had been working for a company for almost 12 years in marketing and promotions when I was laid off.  Ironically I wasnt overwhelmed with greif, I was happy.  I needed to make a change, I had some money in my savings and I had been getting some acting work pretty regularly so i knew I would be ok.  For once in my life, I didn’t stress eat.  Two days after I was laid off I was signed by an agent here in the Atlanta area (the Jana VanDyke Agency) and then a few months later I was approached by another agent in North Carolina (Legacy Talent Managment).

So since then I have been working pretty regularly.  Some small roles, some tv commercials, some local films but many national films too!  Life is exciting!   I don’t think I would have been doing any of this had I not lost weight and had my lapband surgery.  I’ve lost almost 100lbs to date and I have another 20-30 to go to be happier with myself.

Some people have asked me what I have worked on, so here is a snapshot at how Lapband Surgery changed my life:

  • Franklin & Bash – a new pilot series coming out on TBS!!!
  • My Manny – a webisode series on TBS.com!!!
  • Signed with an Agency!!!
  • Worked a few times on Drop Dead Diva for Lifetime!
  • Worked on Big Momma’s House 3
  • Worked on Single Ladies (new series for Vh1 with Queen latifah and Common!)  Look for me clean shaved!
  • Worked on a movie with Britnay Snow called 96 Minutes
  • Worked on a movie with Whoopie and Janet called For Colored Girls (Tyler Perry)
  • Worked on AMC’s The Walking Dead as a Zombie
  • Worked on Vampire Diaries
  • Worked on a local tv commercial for CableAdvertisingWorks.com
  • Worked on a local Kroger commercial
  • Worked on a local commercial for a pawn shop
  • Starring role in a film called The Hanging Man
  • Supporting role in a film called The Prodigal
  • Industrial commercial for EMC.com
  • Commercial Modeling job for a t-shirt company
  • BET’s The Game – play a drug addict named Ben (coming on air soon!)
  • Marry Me with Lucy Liu
  • The Lost Valentine with Betty White

So the point of me saying this isn’t because I am bragging, it’s more about putting myself out there and doing things I never in a million years thought I would ever do.  Life really is what you make out of it.  I always thought I was way to fat to do any of these things.  Even though I started loosing the weight I still have issues with self confidence.  It has nothing to do with not being able to do it but, being everything to do with being SCARED TO DO IT.  Now, I just breath and I try my best.  I open myself up to things.  I tried to change my thought patterns and open my heart to what life has in-store for me.  Life can be amazing if you open yourself up to what it has to offer!!

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