Let’s Celebrate! I Am Now “ALL”! :-)

As my regular readers may remember, I did a post back in Dec.
One Size Does NOT Fit All!“.

Well now it does! I am now “ALL”!

I had an adorable pink Tinkerbell night shirt that my Mom got me (thanks Mom!). It didn’t fit at the time……….but now it does. It now almost feels like I’m one of “them”! Lol.

So now it’s time to celebrate

with a cake protein bar!

And champagne protein shake!

So let me ask the other WLS peeps……….after being excluded from so many things…………what do you enjoy most about being one of “them”???


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8 Responses to Let’s Celebrate! I Am Now “ALL”! :-)

  1. I still feel pretty left out, but I will celebrate the day I can visit a doctor and not be told “you need to lose weight” …. I want to be one of “them” who are a healthy weight.

  2. Brenda Ludecke says:

    I am looking forward to going on rides in amusement parks. I may have to borrow a child to take since mine are grown and my husband won’t set foot inside an amusement park bc he’s afraid I will talk him into going on a “scary” ride.

    I am enjoying “shopping” in my closet of “one size fits all”. I know what you are talking about!

    I went to a consignment store Saturday where they had everything marked down to $1. I actually bought sizes 8-14 in pants and skirts. That was rewarding in itself.

    Just really looking forward to being healthy again. I was on the verge of having to take BP medicine and Cholesterol medicine. I go July 13th for my 3 month post op appt. and am excited to see my numbers!!

    Congrats on your “One size fits all”!

  3. CathyB says:

    YAY!!! Rock it, girlie!!!! Can’t wait til I’m there… AGAIN…
    CathyB recently posted..P365

  4. Christina says:

    I recently went on my honeymoon and we were able to go zip lining through the rain forest of Costa Rica. Had we gone the year before or even six months earlier I wouldn’t have been able to do it.. one, b/c the hike to get to some of the platforms would have killed me and two I wouldn’t have met the weight requirement. It was so refreshing signing up for the excursion and not having to think twice about whether I could do it or not.

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