Low Fat, Low Calorie Peanut Butter Protein Shake Recipe

I love peanut butter. And if I can’t have a peanut butter milkshake like I want………Then a peanut butter protein shake it is!

Now of course you know about all the fat and calories in peanut butter, but I found out about the low fat, low calorie Better’n Peanut Butter at Trader Joe’s.


I actually did a product review of the Better’n Peanut Butter yesterday.

Here’s the recipe for my low fat, low calorie peanut butter protein shake.

Blend well.



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2 Responses to Low Fat, Low Calorie Peanut Butter Protein Shake Recipe

  1. April Ellison says:

    After reading this I had to go to Trader Joe’s and get some of this peanut butter. Will have to try it soon.

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