Product Review: Arctic Zero Gluten Free Whey Protein Ice Cream!

After hearing LIPO‘s Frank Surace rave about the gluten free, whey protein ice cream from Arctic Zero I asked him to write a product review on it. It’s also low cal!



Who doesn’t love ice cream? Frozen custard? Frozen yogurt?  Sorbet?  Gelato?  I love all of these frozen treats, but since my weight loss  surgery (Roux-en-Y) do they love me? Not so much.

So I’ve been on a mission. Find a good tasting “ice cream” type of dessert that’s low in calories, high in flavor. I’ve looked high, I’ve looked low and now I don’t have to look anymore. This week I found Arctic Zero, an all-natural, smooth and creamy ice cream replacement that tastes great plus it’s  guilt-free when it comes to fat and calories. Arctic Zero is a frozen protein shake that will satisfy your ice cream craving.


Arctic Zero comes in pints and bars.

The pints come in 7 flavors….Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coffee, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Strawberry, and Vanilla Maple. Each pint is only 150 calories. Yep, only 150 calories for a whole pint!

The bars come in 4 flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and orange cream). They are only 85 calories per bar.



Only 85 Calories per Bar!


Arctic Zero is gluten free, fat free, contains no sugar alcohols. It is suitable for lactose intolerants and has a low glycemic index making  it suitable for Type 2 diabetics. And here’s the best part: Each pint has 14 grams of  Whey protein and 8 grams of Fiber.

nutrition facts
85 Calorie Nutrition Facts

But how do they taste you  ask? So, ok, I’ll tell you.

I tried the Vanilla Bar and the Coffee ice cream.

The Vanilla bar  whey protein ice cream was awesome.  It was a nice size ice cream bar that has a chocolate covering. It had no after taste but more importantly, after I finishing, I felt that I had just eaten a “real” ice cream bar…and I was satisfied.

The Coffee ice cream was amazing. I would recommend that you keep it out of the freezer for a while, allowing it to melt a bit. It’s smooth and has a nice texture. I scooped a little into my bowl, then a little more. Before I knew it I had eaten over ½ the pint. But here’s the great part…that was only about 80 calories.

So if you’re like me and love frozen treats, you have got to try Arctic Zero!


And you know the Arctic Zero gluten free whey protein ice cream product review  wouldn’t be Frank’s Place if we didn’t have a song, so…….(purple, my favorite color…lol)


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