Return of Ruby on Style Network

So I saw on YouTube a clip about the return of the Ruby show in March. Aparantly Ruby has gained 60 pounds.


Now admitadly I have only seen the show once. So I’m not really up to date on all that goes on in  her life and the details of her weight loss.

My understanding is that she has not had weight loss surgery. According to what I have read she has done this through exercise and diet. I am amazed at the amount of weigh she has appeared to have lost this way. However getting it off and keeping it off it two completely different things!

For those of you Ruby watchers what is your take on this? Do you think it’s just a little detour on her path? Will she be able to get back on track? And if so will she be able to stay on track without the “tool” of WLS with so much weight to lose???

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63 Responses to Return of Ruby on Style Network

  1. Tressa P says:

    I commend her for all the hard work she has done. We all have been there and know how hard it is in one way or another. From what I have seen of the show I think her biggest battle is not physical but psychological. She has alot of baggage so to speak to deal with. I am guessing that is why she had the 60 lb weight gain. WLS would be awesome for her but until she gets a handle on the “head stuff” she will struggle through that as well. I am 11 months out from WLS and now I am working on getting the mental part figured out. I wish her the best in no matter what she does. We all deserve a Happy and Healthy life.

  2. Yes we do all deserve that. I’m hopeing that all the Fluffies and Formerly Fluffies out there do have a Happy and Healthy life!!!

  3. Melissa says:

    I don’t care much for her show…. I’ve watched enough of it to know she’s pretty immature and takes the whole weight loss thing way too lightly for someone of her age, size and means (esp considering Style is paying her a salary + for prepared meals + training + gym + nutrition counseling + psych counseling, etc). She doesn’t have a real job most of the time. All she has to do is take care of herself and she doesn’t do it well. She plays dumb, talks in a weird babytalk (that I find annoying) and seems to act like the weight loss thing is a game half the time.

    • kim says:

      I don’t think that she doesn’t take it seriously. Just because someone pays you to lose weight and prepares your meals and supplies you with a personal trainer that does not make it any easier. Losing weight is hard and comes from with in. Oprah Winfrey said it best when she said, “believe me if I could have bought it (weight loss) I would have.” That should tell us all something, that it is not about money or means it is about sheer determination.

    • Deby says:

      I agree with the baby talk but otherwise, until you’ve walked in her shoes you have NO IDEA!

    • Brittany says:

      Well I have to say this someone whom seems not to be over weight or anything .. if u have NEVER walked in someones shoes who is heavy u wouldn’t have any freaking clue how hard it is or how much it can take out of someone to make a life change Im so happy that she has gotten this far in her life with the weight loss and I think that she is every Inspiring for some people and to the people who don’t watch her show more then once or twice should not have any opinion in this question

    • Phoebe says:

      That was harsh :(

    • Jenifer says:

      I normally dont resond to these post, blogs or whatever BUT when I seen lil Ms Melissa from January 7th post I couldnt help but share my opinion. I Think Rubby is an amazing strong woman who does deserve the respect for all that she has done NOT just on her weight loss but in her life. Melissa and people like melissa does not even begin to understand the struggles that heavy people deal with, yes they may have their own battles but unless your heavy and been down the same road as her why the neative. Thats whats wrong with people today, you speak without thinking. What if Ruby was your adult child, I bet your opinion would be different. I think you should stop and look at your battles instead of talking down about with people. You sure dont have to Like her or watch her show but why even watch the clip and say something negative? Makes no sense to me. Sounds like you need a little more growing up to do. As for the show, Of course I think Ruby can do it, look how far she has come in her life! I am proud of her and thinks she will make it just fine on this journey.

    • I don’t know that she takes it lightly really. I think sometimes how we act and how we feel are 2 different things completely. Of course having just watched it once I don’t really know.

  4. Interesting evaluation. Like I said, I’ve only seen it once so don’t really know all the details of it.

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  6. Stacy says:

    I am with Melissa. She irritates the hell out of me, and I don’t find her to be an inspiration at all. I think STYLE should be putting those resources into someone who actually cares.

  7. You know I was thinking about Melissa’s and your comments. Think about Ophra…………..all the resources available to her to facillitate weight loss……………yet it’s not happening. At least nothing long term. :-(

    • Kim H says:

      Right. And the fact that she HAS all these amazing resources paid for her… I think it’s a total waste and a shame, and I think there is really no excuse for her not to lose. There are so many of us that would give anything to have that.

  8. Jewles says:

    Personally I love the show! I have read her book —- She cracks me up with her weirdness…I think sometimes when you take life TOO serious that when you have more issues. Her laughter and playfulness makes me laugh. The only person I find annoying on her show is the ex-b/f Denny.

  9. This is totally normal and to be expected, because diets don’t work for the long term, and the failure rate gets worse the more obese you are. She has a less than 5% chance, as does/did every morbidly obese person, of losing weight and keeping it off for even one year, much less for the long term.

    The only currently effective treatment for morbid obesity is surgery, and there are only two procedures that work: the vertical sleeve gastrectomy and the duodenal switch.

    The only that is going to save Ruby’s life is a duodenal switch.

  10. Deby says:

    First off, what Ruby does – whether gain or lose – is HER business. If we have a weight problem or food addiction – it is OUR business. Just stop the commenting. It is nothing to us. Ruby is trying to do something very, very difficult and she’s lost SO MUCH already… Ruby, you CAN DO IT! But do it your way and in your time. Don’t let anyone hassle you.

    • Kim H says:

      Actually, she puts her life out there for everyone to see. Of course we have the right to comment on it. If she wants it PRIVATE, get off TV.

      • Beth Tipton says:

        Acutally, what makes it our business to comment on is this: She made herself PUBIC…She wants this attention… I say comment away. We are ALL allowed an opinion! (and I haven’t even posted my own opinion. I’m just making a point that IF you make your life public it makes it fair game for opinions of those you share your life with)

        • True, when you sign on to do reality tv your life if then an open book. Ruby Gettinger knew that going into this. There are pro’s and cons. She gets tons of resources that the rest of us would love to have………..but she also is in the public eye and along with that comes criticism at times. :-(

      • When u sign up for a reality show that’s what happens. You get the good AND the bad publicity.

        Hopefully Ruby Gettinger will deal with it well and get her life back in orde.

    • Debie most of the comments have been in favor of Ruby Gettinger!

  11. robin says:

    I thought she weighed herself every week so not sure how 60 lbs snuck up on her. It is hard to keep losing it is a tough road. She has beat a lot of odds but she still had many to go. I think she is funny and enjoy her personality. Yes she is a little immature for her age but hey…what the heck..she hasn’t been beaten down by the responsibilities of work, husband, children…

  12. Anne says:

    I support her and know what food addiction is like. It is insidious. She doesn’t gain support from those who judge her, but can be successful when those around her understand (like Jeff and Georgia). They can see what she is doing to herself and can help her to help herself. I can’t imagine how people could even judge her without walking a mile or even a few feet in her shoes!

  13. Donna Conzett says:

    I am a woman who weighed 450 lbs four years ago. I now weigh a little over 300. I lost my weight through a change in lifestyle, eating better and eating less. There hasn’t been a lot of exercise involved but I do find that I have more energy and can do more now that I have lost the first 150 lbs. I want to say that no one knows how hard it is to be someone like Ruby or myself unless you experience it first hand. Does anyone realize that women who are large like us can gain and lose 20 lbs in a week? It is like skinny people putting on a lb or two a week. So, a 60 lb weight gain for Ruby is certainly not the end of the road for her. She slipped up…. the healthiest thing she can do is get back on her program and keep trying. Dieting at this size is a lifetime committment to eating less and eating smarter. I LOVE Ruby. She is very real. I had a life-changing moment watching her show last season when the concept of eating until you are full and nothing more was brought out at the retreat. I have since tried to do the same and have lost even more weight. Skinny people do not realize that a lot of us heavy people do not have the ability to feel full until about 20 minutes after we have eaten. I know it sounds kind of dumb but unless someone tells you, you don’t realize that you have to wait to see if you feel full. I always overate because I didn’t feel full. Now I eat what I think is enough and leave the rest and wait and see if I feel full in 20 minutes. Normally, that is exactly what happens. There are a lot of genetic factors that go into people being obese. Like Ruby, I have been heavy since the age of seven. I didn’t eat any differently than anyone else in my family and they were all skinny. I just tend to have high estrogen and testosterone levels that increase my insulin level. This is not a diabetic condition but rather a genetic predisposition due to my German heritage. I have to completely cut out white sugar and white flour to lower my insulin levels enough to allow my body to burn off weight. It is a hard road and I don’t think anyone who has not had to personally go down that road should throw judegement. I LOVE YOU RUBY!!!!!!!!

  14. faithk says:

    I love Ruby I love her show, she is a precious lady and yes it is so easy for a large person to gain that much and yes she will take it back off, she will not quit, she will win! I know 2 people that had the surgery and than lost it and gained it all back, I know of several that had the surgery and died, I know one lady had the lapband and lost 100 now she has gained that and more back….you cannot win with drugs and surgery, only way to win is with God and determination. You have to change your eating forever, not just until it is off. God bless Ruby and I pray her show continues as it is helping all of us so much.

  15. Kim Sudduth says:

    I can so relate to Ruby and her weight issues, I used to weigh 579lbs and had the Lap Band surgery. Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes, don’t pass judgement on that person, when you don’t have a clue what it’s like. Being grossly morbidly obese is not something anyone wants to be labeled as believe me. All that person wants is to be normal just like everyone else and society doesn’t allow that. You are singled out, judged, laughed at, discriminated against and ignored. Obese people regardless of what they weigh all have feelings too just like everyone else. I wish I could have had the strength and the will power to do it on my own instead of having no choice but to have surgery. I have such respect for Ruby and more power to her for being able to do it. SO what if someone is paying for it and she has a trainer, I wish I had a trainer and the kind of support she has. Losing weight is difficult and a life long process. There will always be ups and downs and just like everything in life you get tired of it. Hang in there Ruby, you are a beauty person inside and out and you can do this. I have such respect for you and you are such an inspiration to me. Kim

  16. Jim says:

    #1……… Tipton… Public is spelt with an “L” ; unlike ‘Pubic’, which has a totally different meaning, which you may not be aware of.
    #2…….. Of all the comments regarding Ruby, I am shocked at the preponderance ( look it up!) of misspelled words!! Terrible!!

  17. kaypate says:

    So okay, for those of you who do not like Ruby, don’t watch her show. And if you’re not a Southerner, you probably do not understand her and her funny, “hacky” ways. I think she is entertaining, funny and takes her weight loss seriously. After all, she was on her way to an early grave before she began this journey. Just because she has fun and doesn’t let her weight stop her from living doesn’t mean she doesn’t take her diet seriously.
    Speaking from experience, it is HARD to lose weight and even harder to KEEP it off. And I’m sure with Ruby’s mother being ill, it has been extra hard. I know when my mother passed away, I re-gained about 30 of the 40 pounds I had lost in just a matter of weeks.
    Having so much to lose makes it even harder because you have to work at it so long and people expect to see you lose every week. There are times when you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to do and the scales just won’t budge. That is very discouraging. So Ruby needs all the support she can get. Yes, she does have help that most of us will never have, but she also has a harder road to travel than most of us will ever have.
    So Ruby, I salute you. Even though you have regained some weight, the battle is not over. You are still way ahead of where you started. Just keep on keeping on, Girl. You can do it! We all can, if we help each other and encourage each other. You have inspired me to get back to a healthier diet and lifestyle and I want to say a big “Thank YOU!”

  18. I think most of the posts have been encouraging. Hopeing she gets back on track!

  19. Ms. CJ Dove says:

    Ruby, I love your spunkiness, and I’m following you. I have you saved to tape your series on my DVR. I have 300 lbs to lose myself, and to see someone who has gone through the process is helpful. You do have help with paying for the food and getting counseling, but there are at least programs out there that offer support, too. I’m on Weight Watchers. I’ve been successful on it before. I just need to continue to do the program. As far as your exercising, I’m inspired that I can move, too. My belly got so big that I barely fit behind the steering wheel, and had to sit in my seat for a few minutes, for the seat to “settle” a little, so I could safely turn the steering wheal. My right foot on the accelerator fit only at an angle. I press it straight on. I’ve lost some of my belly, but I put on some weight again, after gaining at least 70 lbs back. I’ve gotten so disgusted and embarrassed, and I can barely walk 100 yards without huffing and puffing. I have to stop 3 times from the car to my office. That being said, by watching your successes and you will be successful again, I know we can walk this journey together.

  20. CourtneyG says:

    Guess what? That’s Life! No one is perfect. We can all try but no one will ever attain perfection. So please, please, stop judging. I have been overweight since forever. I have pictures of myself as a 3 year old, looking cute and thin, and then every picture thereafter I am chunky. Or pudgy. Or fluffy. Or fat. Whatever you want to call it, I am sure someone has already said to my face. Being overweight is the one thing where prejudice is still widely accepted and even encouraged. My mom started me on diets from 3rd grade on. We did them together. I don’t have many sweet mom memories, she didn’t really like kids, and she was always working, but I absolutely remember the dieting and exercising. And still, I have always been fat.
    Now, all I ask of myself is to pay attention to what I eat, to try to make better choices, and to not beat myself up if I can’t be perfect. My husband and friends don’t expect me to be tiny. Why should I? For my health, but never for society.
    Ruby needs to understand that she is beautiful already. My husband always comments how cute she is. Competition! LOL! But she needs to accept that losing weight won’t make life perfect for her and she can’t ask herself to be perfect. Just to try her best for herself. To say, “Yeah, I’ve gained, but I’ve been heavier, and if I took it off before, it can come off again. Yeah, the scale is going the wrong way, but look how much more I can do now. Am I willing to let food take that away?” And to stop pressuring herself. Because there is so much more to her than the number on a scale.

  21. Jennifer says:

    i think her gaining weight back has a lot to do with her personal life and her lack of ability to deal with it.

  22. Oregon Girl says:

    Ruby’s weight gain just proves how human she is.

    I’ve done the pre-packaged meal diets, the e-Diets, Weight Watchers, near starvation, and idiotic fad diets. I have exercised at clubs, at home, at boot camps, on my own, long distance walking, with fancy equipment, and yoga. Each time I take off 25-50# and feel really great. I ‘last’ about 6 months. Today I’m at 292, so what does that tell ya? This is HARD. We are HUMAN and we falter.

    We must separate the food which nourishes our bodies from the emotional and spiritual needs of our souls.

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