She’s Little, Like You……………WTF???

“She’s little, like you.” WTF? Did I just hear what I thought I heard??? Am I so stressed out over my failed Lap-Band that I’m delusional now? Did someone just call ME “little“???

Just when I thought I had heard it all………Someone called ME little?! Ok so I think she was referring more so to height than weight. However………when I was over 250 pounds no one ever mistakenly called me “little”.

I’m kind of liking this hey I can pass for “little” thing. Makes me almost wanna go shopping and try to squeeze my 38 inch waist into a size 2 pair of jeans. But on second thought…….that would be kind of depressing, now wouldn’t it.

None the less………though I may not actually be “little”, it’s nice to be “normal”. Or almost normal. I think my BMI (body mass index) is like 25.9. So I can actually fake “normal” now!

Weight loss surgery has been a very difficult journey for me. I got the Lap-Band in Nov. ’09 thinking it would work in the mannor that Allergan described in their advertising.
Never happened!!!

16 fills. 4 partial unfills. No restriction………..sweet spot……….green zone………whatever you want to call it.

So I went from happy, on the top of the world, “I love my Lap-Band! This is gonna work!”.

To “why the hell did I waste $15,000 on the CRAP-BAND instead of having an EFFECTIVE WLS?!”

But I digress…………….

Now back to me being awesome!

Did I mention I’m “little” now???

So I can now fake “little”. Maybe being constantly hungry for the last 2 years wasn’t so bad after all? Well. Yes it was. But none the less……….I’m loving the “little” thing!

So have you been called “little” yet? Small? Skinny?
Did you turn to look and see who they were speaking to?

And let’s delve deeper into this.
If you are now little/small/skinny……… people notice you more now? Do they speak to you more frequently? Do you receive better treatment that when you were fluffy?

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