The Wedding: Royal Fruit Cake, Ugly Hats, Bratty Kids & Rogaine

So for those of you that missed the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate (NowHasATitleToo) Middleton at Westminster Abbey let me give you the Reader’s Digest condensed version.


Ok let’s start with that wedding cake. Fruit cake?! Really???

Why I ask you?
Is this to get the guests to leave the reception early? They see the fruit cake and take off running?

Now on to the fashion DON’T’S! Ugly hats! And they picked these out in advance??? Were these ladies thinking “let me go pick out an awesome dress for the wedding……….and a butt-ugly hat to go with it!”?

Like this

And this



What wedding would be complete without a bratty kid? Even a royal wedding!

Yeah Little Miss Sunshine there doesn’t look too happy does she?

Now let’s talk about that hair! Prince William is a nice looking man. Borderline eye candy even? But………GO BUY SOME ROGAINE! Your too young for your royal head to be going bald!

And as an afterthought…………..Let’s talk about Camilla!
Am I the only one here that thinks she looks like a drag “queen”??? No pun intended.

I didn’t think so!

Well that’s it on the wrap up of the Royal Wedding

Now let’s end this with the Royal dance Video!

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4 Responses to The Wedding: Royal Fruit Cake, Ugly Hats, Bratty Kids & Rogaine

  1. Grams says:

    I wholeheartedly agree on the Rogaine. And … if your grandmother is the Queen of England, wouldn’t you think she could spring for a stylist to help Fergie’s daughters. Clearly they have their mother’s taste.

    • I know! He is such a nice looking man. With all that money you would think he would have tried Rogaine of gotten a hair transplant.

      And the hats….One of the ladies described it as teletubbish! 😉

  2. Summer says:

    I’m British…and most of the hats the British wear are absolutely rediculous! They look like clowns from a circus. They have to stay away from designer Treacy…he’s making the Royals look like jokes. They are becoming the laughing stock of the world with their awful hats!! Only a few ppl can get away with wearing hats and it suits them. As to the two Princesses on the Wedding day….they looked aweful!! Who on earth dresses them? They are following in their mothers footsteps for big fashion mistakes. Those hats!!! ….oh my gosh, what an embarressment! loved their shoes but those hats…YIKES!! one of them looks like an alien from Star Trek…..absolutely UGLY!! Couldn’t she see that for herself??!! My mind boggles that she did not see this in the mirror?!!

  3. Matthew says:

    It is their choice. On the prince’s side, I am very much proud of seeing him reveal his baldness. I for my part, if a woman loves you, even if your bald, then it is the best far compliment for me. But it seems this guy here is of royal blood, money too is involved, I guess I cannot just judge them. Let us see the years in their lives if they still could show the love they felt for each other till do death do they part, so the old saying marriage vow goes.
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